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Active Student Leadership Programs

Every year, the student leaders attend a two day camp at Holloways Beach Environmental Educational Centre where we learn skills that will assist us in our year as leaders of the student body.
The first day of camp was the biggest day of the two for getting to know new people and meet new friends. Our first group activity was “Getting to know you” activities and we had a chance to learn the majority of people’s names. Then we made our way to the conference room to listen to former AFL star, Aaron Davie. He told us about his life story and how he became a leader. We acquired a bigger insight into the qualities of a leader from his speech and we all enjoyed it.
After lunch and choosing our cabins, we did high ropes. Everybody enjoyed doing high ropes as we were all looking forward to it. We sat with our new friends at afternoon tea and congratulated each other at high ropes. We enjoyed the rest of the day but our favourite final activities were the party games and the talk involving public speaking with Mr Hull. We all had a good sleep, dreaming of what was in store for us tomorrow.
Day 2 was very exciting and we began with a beach walk. The beach walk was Regan’s personal favourite because we saw 2 pods of dolphins. The breeze was so nice and the sand between your toes felt so relaxing. Then we came back and had a delicious breakfast. We went to the conference room and did AUS Identities next which was a fun activity of finding out which Australian animal you were and your strengths and weaknesses. We are all wombats except for Liam who is an eagle. We then had morning tea after AUS Identities.
Later on we worked on our action plans with Mrs Kristens and Mr Thompson. It really got our head around the year and what we can work towards/ look forward to. Our day however, was almost over. This was the worst part - the end. Saying goodbye was really tough and we all looked forward to seeing each other at the end of the year. Overall, camp was amazing and all Whitfield student leaders had good things to say about it.
-By Regan (on behalf of the Whitfield Student Leaders)
The first day of camp was amazing.  Firstly, we did a “getting to know you activity” in the Conference room. After that we found the five most important qualities of a student leader [as a group] and then we had our self-packed, litter free morning tea. After morning tea Aaron, a retired AFL player, came in to talk to us about qualities of a leader. After that Cairns High’s student leaders came in to talk about their student life.
We had lunch and after that we organised our cabins… [I was in Beach Retreat.] We collected a harness and helmet and went to the high ropes course. I conquered three ropes and got a mysteries cut on my leg. When we arrived back we had afternoon tea. Later, I was in the cooking group so I went to the kitchen and prepared dinner which was fantastic and then Mr Hull came to talk to us about public speaking and to throw a microphone at us. Party games occurred next, we played Question Chairs, Cavillers and Dead Ants then we went into our cabins and finally got to sleep.
-By Liam (on behalf of the Student Leaders)

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